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YJACK always asks, “Why?”

Why can’t we make better fabric with better yarn?

Why can’t we make quality goods while still maintaining value?

Why can’t we make durable apparel with optimal comfort?

Ending with the question, “How?”

How else can we make a positive impact in the lives of our customers?

Are you familiar with Cezanne’s Apple?

“I will astonish Paris with an apple” - Paul Cezanne


Paul Cezanne did not merely paint apples, but the nature of apples over 110 times. While smooth-as-can-be brush strokes was the preferred style of his time, Cezanne broke away from the conventional. Instead of pursuing aesthetically pleasing apples, each bold and visible brush stroke was purposeful. His focus was on depicting the true nature of apples by even painting the natural progression of their decay. Cezanne continued to explore, challenge, and reinvent his work, which set himself apart from his peers.


Inspired by Cezanne, YJACK’s core collection embodies this concept. We focus on perfecting the true function and purpose of a classic T-Shirt before style. We also challenge ourselves by constantly exploring ideas and new methods for improvement.


Genuinely Crafted

YJACK stays genuine to its purpose: Craft essential, basic items that make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

We are proudly committed to creating high-quality products made from the finest fabrics without compromising value.

Wear it to believe it. Believe it to know that you won’t want to wear anything else.  


Exploring the Essence of Clothing

Clothing not only serves a functional role that protects the body from the elements, but is also one of humankind’s greatest achievements of functional creative expression.


YJACK believes in the importance of learning, understanding, and perfecting the basics. 

Our decision to focus our launch on basic tees stems from this belief. 

Each component of a T-Shirt is dissected, as we challenged ourselves to improve upon a ubiquitous product.


YJACK believes a garment’s true success is dependent on the quality of its basic materials: Its fibers and yarn.


With sincere efforts and devotion, we take our time looking for materials that meet our quality standards. As nourishing meals can only be made with healthy ingredients, premium fabrics can only be made from quality materials.


With fabric good enough to be worn on its own, YJACK aims to create styles that embody our commitment to the fundamentals. Our designs focus on the functional aspects of a garment, while minimalistic embellishments do not compromise its purpose.


A Break From Trends

YJACK will continue to uphold our commitment to value by always preserving the essence and integrity of clothing. Like Cezanne’s continuous persistence and desire to set himself apart, we too hope to leave the same legacy behind. 

Working with the mindset to always protect the value of our clothing, we constantly explore, study, and question ourselves. Never settling and always striving for improvement.


We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy!




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