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Bobby Brackins

"A majestic weirdo from East Oakland"

Ashley Merrill is the founder of Lunya, a sleepwear brand committed to making women’s lives better through product, experience, and example. Ashley is an active supporter and board member of Girls Inc. and invests in many female entrepreneurs and funds.

YJACK: How do you think music changed the world?

Bobby: Music is healing. Music provides every range of emotion. There is a song to showcase your deepest depression to your greatest happiness.

YJACK: Who is Bobby Brackins?

Bobby: A majestic weirdo from East Oakland, California. A big film!!!!

YJACK: If you get to live all over again, would you choose to be a musician?

Bobby: Hell Yes! Making music chose me.

YJACK: Any K-POP musicians you’ve worked with? Or would like to collab with soon.

Bobby: CL.

YJACK: What are your 5 staples in your wardrobe?

Bobby: Beanies, Belts, Shoes, Jackets, Jewelry.

YAJACK: White tee, Black tee or print?

Bobby: Black tees!!!!

YJACK: How Would you pair your YJack tee?

Bobby: I recently wore my grey tee with blue jeans to a meeting I had for my script/upcoming film

And I felt confident, stylish and cozy.

YJACK: How would you compare this tee too others that you wear regularly?

Bobby: The comfort level, quality, and breathability was noticeable from the first time trying it on. The fabric feels good on the skin and the fit is amazing. You can tell when you are wearing a cheap overproduced shirt and that is not the case with YJack’s product.

YJACK: Would you say this tee is versatile through day and night?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate and love myself versus just beat myself up like I did when I was in my twenties.

My management style is supportive, but I will push you hard on how you think and why you think that way. The biggest difference between a junior and senior person is an informed, big-picture way of thinking as well as a total ownership mindset. I encourage people to think like this at every stage of their career.

The biggest gamble I’ve ever taken is starting Lunya. So far, so good!

My first job was an analyst at a venture capital firm, and what I learned from it was how to think objectively about business.

The one thing I would like to say to every woman in the world is be the change you want to see in the world. If we all live to our fullest potential there is no telling the ceilings we will shatter.

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