YJACK always asks, “Why?”

Why can’t we make better fabric with better yarn?

Why can’t we make quality goods while still maintaining value?

Why can’t we make durable apparel with optimal comfort?

Ending with the question, “How?”

How else can we make a positive impact in the lives of our customers?

Are you familiar with Cezanne’s apple?

Cezanne has painted over 110 paintings of apples throughout his lifetime.

One by one, each painting was created, as Cezanne’s infamous brush strokes continued until the apples being painted began to rot.

Cezanne strived to convey authenticity through his still life paintings.

While other artists aimed to make their brushed strokes as smooth and invisible as possible, Cezanne broke away from the traditional methods of his time. He wanted his paintings to be viewed from the perspective of an unspoiled child.

The composition in his painting did not follow the calculated arrangements other artists commonly adhered to. His medium of choice is visibly represented through his raw brush strokes, while his use of color did not follow the typical paradigm of his time.

Later in his life, Cezanne’s style matured as he shifted his focus on the exploration of space and depth. By rendering perspective through color and arrangement, he astonished the world once more.

Cezanne did not paint apples, but the nature of apples.



YJACK stays genuine to its purpose: Craft essential, basic items that make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

We are proudly committed to creating High-quality products made from the finest fabrics without compromising value.

Wear it to believe it. Believe it to know that you won’t want to wear anything else. 



Clothing not only serves a functional role by protecting the body from the outside world, but is also one of humankind’s greatest achievements of aesthetic expression.

YJACK believes in the importance of learning, understanding and perfecting the basics. Our decision to direct our initial focus on the exploration of basic T-shirts stems from this very belief.

YJACK believes that what makes clothing a true success is dependent on the quality of its own basic materials: Fibers and Yarns.

With sincere efforts and devotion, we take our time looking for these materials to create premium fabrics. As nourishing meals can only be made with healthy ingredients, premium fabrics can only be made with quality materials.

Although the fabric is good enough to be worn on its own, YJACK aims to create styles that embody our commitments to the fundamentals. Our design remain focused on the functional aspects of the garment, as the splashes of minimalistic embellishments do not compromise its integrity.

Clothes made with authenticity.

We hope our clothing moves you the same way it moves us.



YJACK will continue to never compromise value by always preserving the essence and integrity of clothing.

Like the hundreds or thousands of brush strokes that continued until the apples rotted, Cezanne’s continuous persistence and sincere efforts changed the art world forever. We hope to leave the same legacy behind.

Working with the mindset to always protect the value of our clothing, we constantly explore, study and question ourselves. Never settling, always striving for more and being better.

Our promise to you is to always protect the value and integrity of our clothing by preserving its essence...